3601 Fulton Mill Road  Macon, Georgia  31206



We have been blessed with some really good services since the start of 2016.  The worship each week has been a blessing to be a part of.  The music has been outstanding and has prepared the way for the preaching of God's Word.  Good worship and good fellowship followed by God's Word being shared makes for a Good Sunday in God's house.  May this continue throughout 2016 is my prayer.  

I want to encourage everyone to begin now to invite family and friends to come with you to church on Sunday evening, Jan 31, at 6pm.The reason being that we will be showing the movie, War Room, in our sanctuary.  War Room is one of the best movies to have come out in recent years.  It has a great message that is much needed today.  You and your family will enjoy watching the movie with your church family even if you have already seen the movie. Come and bring some folks with you.   Let's make this a great outreach!

I really encourage everyone to get involved in a small group at FEC. The relationships formed with other believers in these small groups on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights are long lasting and endearing.  Plus, we all grow closer to the Lord and each other when we regularly attend a small group.  I prayerfully encourage everyone in our church family to make the extra effort to attend one of the small groups on Sunday morning and/or Wednesday night.  

Keep inviting.  Keep witnessing.  Keep praying.  Still believing God for good days ahead for us at FEC.  Know you are loved much by your pastor!